Meet Chole Loose

Chole Loose is taking on the task of House Manager at Meadville Community Theatre this season. It’s a big job, but he has plenty of experience, connections and passion to get it done.

Chole got his theater start right here at MCT in the third grade. In the decade since, we have watched him grow through both Sweet Tea productions at MCT and most recently in Heathers: The Musical. You might have seen him in other shows around the area; and since his favorite show is Fiddler on the Roof, we bet you know where you’ll find him this coming season. (That’s at the Academy Theatre, in case you haven’t heard.)

Some people think that performers get bit by the theater bug because of the spotlight and applause. But the more you get to know artists, you will find more often than not it is the work before the show that really draws them in. Chole is this way, stating that “My favorite part of theater is creating and breathing life into the characters I play.”

Theater has given Chole so much, he felt it was time to give back. He joined the MCT Board to do his part to help theater in Meadville grow and survive. MCT appreciates the enthusiasm Chole is bringing to our theater already.

Theater will always have a place in Chole’s life. “Theater is the application of all the skill and experience I have gathered presented on stage for the world to see. It validates everything I have ever worked for. Theater is the keystone of my life.”

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