Storytelling at Second Saturday

Have you ever heard of “The Moth”? Do you like storytelling? Would you like to tell a story of your own? Then please consider stopping by the MCT booth at this coming Second Saturday in downtown Meadville!

In case you have not heard of it, “The Moth” is an international storytelling program held in various venues and cities, including Pittsburgh. A program consists of attendees volunteering to tell personal stories upon a given theme. Stories are told with no notes and themes can cover any topic, such as “My Greatest Challenge” or “Holiday Mishaps,” to help focus and spur talks.

MCT will be conducting a “Mothlike” event in April 2024 called Vita Fabulas. We will also be holding a workshop in the near future for those considering¬† participating in the program. And to spur interest in these upcoming activities, MCT will have a special storytelling event at the July 8th Second Saturday.

There will be no specific theme, but we hope you will come and share whatever interesting story you may have. MCT may use some of the concepts from talks provided on Saturday to help promote our upcoming workshop and event.  We look forward to hearing your story this Saturday! 

man in a suit on stage talking into a microphone in front of an audience seated at tables
A storyteller in performance on The Moth Mainstage. (The Moth / Denise Ofelia Mangen)

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  1. Effie S S Stallsmith says:

    We went to a Moth storytelling time in San Francisco a couple of years ago. Having been a storyteller for schools in my earlier life, I enjoyed it tremendously.


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