Why The Odd Fellows Building?

Why do a show about an old building?

You may be aware that MCT is holding a production of Light in Odd Spaces January 27, 28 and 29, 2023. It is an original play developed by the cast and directed by Beth Watkins, Professor Emeritus of Communication Arts and Theater at Allegheny College. The subject of the show will be the Odd Fellows Building, home to MCT and other organizations for many years.

You may ask yourself; why create and offer a show about an old building? Through a series of articles here, we hope to explain the rich and impactful history of this Meadville landmark.

The story behind Light in Odd Spaces

A main reason for commissioning this work was that the Odd Fellows Building is still a great mystery to many Meadville residents. Although now owned by Allegheny College, it has, until recently, been separate from the school, because of its separate development. However, due to its size, location and uniqueness, most residents are well aware of this impressive building. And though Odd Fellows has great historical significance, it also has many personal stories, some of which will be told in Light in Odd Spaces.

We at MCT should also admit that this show will be a thank you letter to an old friend. Odd Fellows has hosted dozens of successful MCT productions over the years, involving hundreds of local residents. With its intimate setting, it has provided an awesome theatrical experience for actors and audiences alike. We hope friends of the building will come to this show to help us celebrate and reminisce about this great venue.

What to expect from future articles

Further articles here will feature the cast and the crew relating their experiences of this unique production. This blog will also detail the important history of the Odd Fellows building, from the world’s first fraternal orphanage to a hub of community organizations. We hope this production will shed greater “light” on a building we love and that has impacted some many lives in its 148 years of existence.

Light in Odd Spaces

devised by the Company
directed by Beth Watkins

January 27-29, 2023
Friday and Saturday: 7:30pm
Sunday: 2:00pm

Tickets available here
Adults: $13.00
Students/Seniors: $11.00

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  1. Tony Stallsmith says:

    My mom and dad Clyde and Effie ( Smock) Stallsmith grew up there in the 50s as did some of their siblings while Anthony Gape was in charge. I have visited a few times years ago.


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