Light in Odd Spaces
January 27-29, 2023

Light in Odd Spaces

Devised by the Company

Directed by Beth Watkins

January 27-29, 2023
Friday and Saturday: 7:30pm
Sunday: 2:00pm

Adults: $13.00
Students/Seniors: $11.00

An original production, Light in Odd Spaces focuses on stories and interviews about the Oddfellows building. Did you know it was originally an orphanage? That many children, college students and local adults are a part of its history? The company of actors share those memories through movement, story-telling and song as they explore what a building can mean to the larger community. Join us as we shine some light into some very odd and intriguing spaces!

Part of our “Created Locally” programming

Beth Watkins and the company are part of our local community

1 thought on “Light in Odd Spaces
January 27-29, 2023

  1. Michelle Cybulski says:

    Thank you so much for the wonderful production of Light in Odd Spaces. It was very interesting to hear all the details about the Odd Fellows Home. The actors did an outstanding job portraying all the unique tales about the building. Kudos to Brian for his job on music & Beth for the writing, everyone deserves a big Bravo. I worked upstairs in the preschool for several years, it brought back so many wonderful memories of a great old building. Thank you! Michelle Cybulski


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