Anthony Advocates for the Arts

Being on the Allegheny College campus, MCT has always had a close relationship to the school and its students. Many have supported the theater over the years in a variety of ways. I recently talked with Anthony Ennis, an AC senior and MCT volunteer, about his love of the arts, especially dance. 

How did you get involved with MCT?

I belong to a fraternity that has done volunteering at the theater over the years. I have been ushering this season.

Have you done theater yourself?

I was in Charlie and the Chocolate Factory in middle school. I got more involved in high school, volunteering and also being in four musicals.

Why do you support theater?

I love the arts in general. Theater is a great combination of several, as in music, dance and acting. Hugh Jackman is a favorite and exemplifies all these skills.

Do you have a favorite art?

I am a vocal music major and hope to get into the music industry in my career. However, I have come to greatly appreciate dance while at Allegheny. I have learned how to Cha Cha, Tango and even ballroom dance. 

What do you think is special about MCT?

The shows are great and the space makes them even greater. I think the raised stage is cool and the theater has a real cozy and comfortable feel. 

Author: Guy McUmber

Guy is Vice-President of the MCT board of directors and honored to be part of such a great organization. The only thing he does not like about the theater is when his wife occasionally falls asleep at shows, especially those on Broadway.

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