The Lighting King

This week, I had the chance to catch up with Allen Condon, MCT board member and house manager. Allen has done all things technical for all local theaters, but has a special passion for lighting, based on a youthful Lion King experience.

What has been your involvement in theater?

I have worked with all the local organizations in a variety of technical roles. I went to Allegheny College and was also deeply involved in productions there.

Do you have a favorite role or job?

I have done a little acting but I much prefer providing technical support. I particularly love lighting shows.

How did you get into lighting?

I saw the Lion King in NYC when I was young and there is a scene where lighting is used to amplify an across-stage action. It made such impression on me that I wanted to do that. I get great satisfaction in making light an integral part of a show.

Is there anything non-technical that you like?

I minored in Music at Allegheny, focusing on vocals. I greatly appreciate the singing in shows, but I prefer to be behind the scenes and supporting the overall process.

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