Meet the Playwright
Maribeth McCarthy

It was really difficult to catch up with Maribeth McCarthy this week, for she is the writer, co-director and star of our production of Sweet Tea and Christmas Trees. What inspired this talented woman, who has been in dozens of shows locally, to get into theater? Not surprisingly, it was another special redhead.

How did Sweet Tea and Christmas Trees come about?

I wrote the original show for the Women’s Theater Festival competition when I was living in North Carolina four years ago. I won, performed it in N.C. in 2017 and at MCT in 2019 when I moved back. I wrote an update during my ample non-acting pandemic time. So, this version is actually a “tea-quel”! 

What was your first theater experience?

Ellie, my twin sister, and I were nativity angels in a first-grade Christmas play. What really got me interested in theater was seeing Annie when I was young. That show was very inspiring for kids, especially redheads like me!

What are your fondest theater memories?

There are so many, really, especially from shows with Ellie. We did a play together a few years ago called Sideshow about Siamese twins. It sounds kind of weird, but it was particularly touching. I hope it comes back; I’d love to do it again.

Is famous theater person you would like to meet or have dinner with?

Yes, but they are all dead! Sondheim was a shock. What a loss! Amongst the living, I’d like to have some time with Chris Pine. He’s a real superhero, if you know what I mean.

There is one more weekend to catch Sweet Tea and Christmas Trees! Click here to get your tickets.

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