Meet Ahmaya Andrews

Ahmaya Andrews and Meadville Community Theatre seem to be a perfect fit. As one of our newest Board members, they bring a fresh perspective with a deep affinity for community and theater. 

This Allegheny College freshman was inspired to audition for their first show by their mother. Traci was performing in MCT’s Woody Guthrie’s American Song in 2015 and Ahmaya wanted to try performing as well. Later that year, they auditioned for The Academy Theatre’s production of Into The Woods, Jr. It must have been a good experience, because Ahmaya has gone on to perform in many shows both at MCT and The Academy since then.

What keeps them coming back for more? “It’s hard to pinpoint just one thing. Probably the community around it – all of the best people I’ve met have been theater people. Doing a show is a fantastic chance to make new connections and meet people you have things in common with.”

Ready for a New Challenge

Anyone who knows Ahmaya, knows that they have wonderfully unique and diverse interests. Who else could have been in the cult favorite Heathers: The Musical and Shakespeare’s A Midsummer Night’s Dream at the same time? (We actually had two such actors, but that is for another story.) And it would not come as a surprise that The Who’s Tommy is a dream show of theirs. And a dream role? “…either as Cousin Kevin or The Specialist. I’m a big fan of the movie and the album, the music is amazing throughout the whole thing. Even if I couldn’t be in it, I’d love to just sit down and watch a production of Tommy.”

Ahmaya is always up for something new! Whether it is a new kind of show, being on MCT’s board, or tackling English and Theater at Allegheny College, you can see that theater will always be in the mix, “because it’s what I like to do.”

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