She’s Focused on The Arts, especially MCT

Many know Sonia Neu as a great friend of MCT through her providing wonderful photography for our shows. However, in talking to Sonia this past week, I found her to be a true overall advocate of local arts, through teaching, producing and performing.

What is your background in theater?

I have been involved in shows in different ways my whole life. I started with doing children’s theater with my mom, who also performed. I’ve also worked many youth productions with Geoff Hall and Alicia Greathouse.  I even met my husband while working on Hello Dolly!

Why do you provide photography for MCT?

It is a way to support the organization, for photos often set the mood and provide appeal for upcoming shows. I have been doing it for eight years and really enjoy it. However, I have to say that I am itching to perform again!

Do you have a favorite show or production you have been part of?

As piano and voice teacher, I obviously have a special place in my heart for musicals. The one I enjoyed the most being in was My Fair Lady. I’ve never been in it, but my overall favorite would be Ragtime.

What do you love about MCT?

It’s a wonderful “small box” theater. MCT offers a real outlet for local talent. The theater also provides a diversity of shows. In addition, I think it provides opportunities to multigenerational and other groups that could be expanded upon.

Photography for Meadville Community Theatre by Sonia Neu can be found on MCT’s gallery. You can see Sonia’s other photography work at her website: A Neu Image.

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