Keeping Meadville Strong through Yoga and Shows

MCT could not exist without the support of our corporate sponsors. This week, I talked with Lindsay Henry, an MCT corporate sponsor and owner of the Yoga Spot Meadville. Why would such a company support our theater?

How long has Yoga Spot been operating Meadville?

I am originally from Buffalo and have been in Meadville for about 9 years. I went to school for business and sports management and thought this was ideal time to start a yoga studio. We opened up in September.

Why do you support MCT?

I have always believed that the performing arts are an essential part of a healthy community. MCT is an important component of the local arts scene. Having access to yoga, as with our studio, also helps keep Meadville strong.

Are you a performer?

No, but I greatly appreciate those who do. However, in teaching yoga, I do have my audience and I do like the great feeling of connecting with them. Maybe if there is a yoga-based show in the future, I would think about it.

Do you have a favorite show?

In general, I love comedy, for laughter is great medicine. There are so many great comedy options now on streaming TV. Schitt’s Creek and Ted Lasso are favorites; both hilarious and heartwarming.

Being from Buffalo, are you a Bills fan?

Absolutely! I still have family there and love the city. It’s a great place to visit when the snow is gone. Watching the Bills thoroughly defeat the Patriots made up for years of suffering. 

Thank you to Yoga Spot Meadville for being a corporate sponsor of Meadville Community Theatre.

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