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It’s Not All About Sex (Or Is It?)

A hilarious, no-holds-barred romp through relationships, sexuality, and consent in our modern world, It’s Not All About Sex (Or Is It?) presents the audience with different, some all too common, scenarios.

A couple negotiates a backrub (or maybe more?) on a couch after a movie. A relationship coach introduces dating apps to a resistant client. Strangers try to dance in a club while being browbeaten by social expectations. Company employees are forced to sit through a tedious and boring sexual harassment seminar. Even the actors themselves can’t agree on what the message of the show should be, resulting in furious arguments, perilous off-script adventures, and a chase scene that must be seen to be believed.

alex and Mycah are taking us on this ride. alex is a sophomore at Allegheny College and a theater major. Mycah is also an Allegheny College student; a first year majoring in Psychology.

The actors are not the only ones from Allegheny College involved with the show. Victoria Smith, another student, is directing under the guidance of kt shorb, Assistant Professor of Theatre. Joshua Searle-White, Professor Emeritus of Psychology at Allegheny College, authored the play.

This is a very special project, and a relationship with Allegheny College that MCT treasures. We are not just on Allegheny College’s campus, Allegheny College is part of our community. You know how we feel about our community! Being able to give our stage to this talented group is what MCT is all about.

Come and support local talent, and our local college students, by seeing It’s Not All About Sex (Or Is It?) March 11-13. Special student (with ID) price of $5, recommended for those 14 and up. Get your tickets here!

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