All in the (Feltz) Family

I had the great pleasure of recently talking to Ross Feltz of Decorating Den Interiors, one of our wonderful sponsors. We had a far reaching and fun conversation, but with Ross, it always comes back to family. Even the Corleones.

How long have you been in Meadville?

My wife, Marie, and I are originally from Buffalo. We lived in Pittsburgh for over thirty years but are still Bills fans! We moved to Meadville 10 years ago to be closer to family. 

What’s your experience with theater?

I love watching and have been a supporter of my family’s participation for decades. My kids started when they were very young, stayed involved and eventually got their little ones into shows. It’s been a thrill to see my grandkids on local stages. My grandson Braden even did an on-line show (Quaran-teen) during the pandemic.

Why do you support MCT?

We in Meadville are so fortunate to have so many talented individuals and so many options for them to perform. MCT is special because it is composed of a great, dedicated group of volunteers that provide quality and unique productions. 

Do you have any favorite shows?

We’ve seen so many it’s hard to pick, but A Chorus Line is one of the all-time great musicals.  I also love movies and Blazing Saddles still makes me laugh out loud. I think The Godfather is the greatest movie ever, in large part because of the writing.

Thank you to Decorating Den Interiors for being a corporate sponsor of Meadville Community Theatre.

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