There’s No Place Like Home

I recently got to meet one of our great sponsors, Christine Yamrick of Chateau Christine. Though she worked out of town for many years, she decided to start business in her hometown. And MCT and Meadville could not be more appreciative!

How did you end up starting a business in Meadville?

I worked in advertising for over 25 years, most recently in Erie. I visited Indiana, PA and was charmed by their downtown development. I thought this should be done in my hometown. So, we started the business, rented for a while and then bought the present building in 2014. I actually took dance lessons upstairs in it when I was a little girl!

Are you a performer?

No, I have never been on stage and do not plan to. However, I believe the arts are very important to the community and I like to support them as I can as a sponsor and theatergoer.

Do you have any favorite shows at MCT?

I always greatly enjoy the holiday shows. I thought the MCT production of Chicago several years ago was wonderful. We go to New York often and it is great to see when Broadway shows come to MCT.

MCT’s production of Chicago, photo: Fredrick Dunn
What do you think is special about MCT?

Part of Meadville being a great place and destination is to have a strong arts community, and MCT is a major piece of that. Also, volunteering is the heart and soul of MCT and I think that is wonderful. 

A big thank you to Chateau Christine for supporting Meadville Community Theatre in our 2021-2022 Season!

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