Producing a Show During the Pandemic

How Meadville Community Theatre Survived the Pandemic (theatrically, that is!)

Now COVID-19 is, thankfully, beginning to wain locally. We asked Josh Searle-White about the challenges posed by producing his one man show, Truth Out, virtually in March 2021.
Q: What was Truth Out about?
Josh: “The show was about a couple of guys producing a promotional video for a book from their basement.  Allen Condon was my production assistant. As it turned out, we were in fact doing the whole thing from my basement.”
Q: Why was production particularly challenging?
Josh: “All the direction (from Beth Watkins) was done remotely, via Zoom, with script assistance from my daughter Rachel Searle-White in Ohio.  Allen had to figure out how to set up the lights, how to create and use the various camera angles, and then do all of the troubleshooting so that we could stream the show on YouTube.”
Q: What was your main takeaway?
Josh: “Doing the show with just the two of us in the basement, but still creating the feel of an amateur basement production was quite something.”
Congrats to Josh, Allen, Rachel and Beth for conducting a wonderful show in spite of the challenging circumstances.
Although MCT and many other theaters did virtual programming during the pandemic, we are all thrilled to get back to reality! Please keep an eye out for our upcoming season in our home theater in the historic Odd Fellows building.

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