It all started with a snowflake…

This week, I decided to get to know MCT board member Irene Kipp a little better. Many, including myself, already know Irene well from her 36 years as a music teacher. Irene guided my sons through marching band and gave hundreds of other kids a lifelong appreciation of music. Irene first performed in the 4th grade, has done shows continually as an adult and even after retiring, still dedicates her life in large part to supporting local theater.

Q: How do you feel about returning to live theater after the pandemic?

I hope it happens, though it appears now that we will have to continue with precautions. Although virtual performances are nice, there is nothing like the vibe from a live audience.

Q: How did you satisfy your need for theater during the lockdown?

I had a major project in telling the history of Broadway through a virtual show. A song representing each theater was performed. The research was fascinating. An amazing thing I found out was during that 1918 pandemic, Broadway actually stayed open as a way to educate the public about not spreading the virus!

Q: What has your theatrical career consisted of?

I started as a snowflake in the fourth grade and by the sixth I was the Ghost of Christmas Present. I have participated in a musical every year since I was 16. Although I have acted a few times, I have spent the great majority of my time in the pit, directing or playing

Q: Do you have a favorite show?

That’s a hard question; I have seen hundreds and all have their specialness. I would say Wicked for I love the music and the story, in particular.

Q: Do you have any type of show ritual?

I am not especially superstitious. One thing I definitely do is personally thank all the pit musicians, for it is such a commitment of time and talent. 

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