Inherit the Wind is Full of History

Inherit the Wind is full of history.

It is based on the The State of Tennessee v. John Thomas Scopes trial that started on July 10, 1925. The United States waited eagerly as a legal battle of biblical proportions waged in the small town of Dayton, Tennessee. By the time it concluded, the so-called “Scopes Monkey Trial” thrust the heated debate swirling around human evolution into the mainstream of the public consciousness.

Thirty years later, playwrights Jerome Lawrence and Robert Lee premiered their groundbreaking production, Inherit the Wind, in Dallas, Texas. That January 10, 1955 opening performance set the play on its way to Broadway, garnering rave reviews.

Only five years later in 1960, Spencer Tracy and Fredric March brought the play to the big screen in a celebrated film adaptation of the same name.

You may think that this is where we skip to 2022 and MCT’s production, but a piece would be missing. Judge Thomas approached MCT about performing a play in the courthouse, and in 1971 Inherit the Wind took place right in the courtroom, like we are doing today.

2022’s Production

MCT has partnered with the Crawford County Commissioners to produce an authentic courtroom drama commemorating a seminal moment in American history within the grandeur and beauty that only a traditional courtroom can offer. We are thrilled and proud to be able to offer this in person experience to our community.

We have gotten several questions concerning the logistics of our July 9 and 10 performances. Yes, you will be seated where the spectators would sit. You are right in the thick of it, just like if you were there 97 years ago. Metal detectors will not be in use, but Sheriff’s Deputies will be there; very authentic for 1925. Masks are optional; we encourage people to do whatever makes them feel comfortable. And all seats are general admission and only $10. So get to the courthouse early for the best seats!

Get your tickets here, you won’t want to miss this great show in this perfect setting.

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