A Newfound Volunteer

I had the great pleasure of talking to Brenda Wait this week about her MCT involvement. Brenda is a well-known community volunteer who has been helping with show-day activities in recent years. Is this belief in giving based in her Canadian background? Maybe not, but she is still a great supporter of MCT.

What is your involvement with MCT?

I have been volunteering as an usher and raffle seller for a few years. I have also appreciated the theater and have attended many of its shows over the years.

Are you a performer or interested in being one?

No. I prefer to help with shows. The only time I have been on stage was for plays in high school, where participation was actually mandatory!

Do you have a favorite MCT show?

I really enjoyed Quilters several years ago. I also remember wondering how MCT could put on Chicago. But I went and it was a wonderful performance.

Any Broadway or movie favorites?

I loved “Come from Away.” It is a touching story about 9/11 and also based in my birthplace, Newfoundland. My dad was stationed in the Air Force there when I was born, but I grew up here.

Why do think MCT is special?

Having multiple theaters in Meadville provides more options and expands the local arts community. I also really respect the talent of MCT performers and the variety of shows the theater offers. 

Author: Guy McUmber

Guy is Vice-President of the MCT board of directors and honored to be part of such a great organization. The only thing he does not like about the theater is when his wife occasionally falls asleep at shows, especially those on Broadway.

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