In-Da-Club (Theater That Is)

Ashley Cloud is a talented painter whose artwork you may have seen on some MCT posters, such as The Great Gatsby and Cabaret. She is also the MCT Board Secretary. I got to know Ashley this week, including how she got to love theater through a unique school experience.

Q: What are your thoughts about returning to live theater?

Although I am excited about the return, I have to admit there was some anxiousness, but we will ensure safety. However, I think there is nothing like the shared connection between performers and their audience. 

Q: How did you get involved in theater?

I was in theater club in high school, which allowed us to see shows by adults in actual theaters. It was a great experience without having to actually perform. I admit I am more of an introverted type. Chris Seeley encouraged me to try out for Spam-a-lot several years ago and I’ve been involved ever since.

Q: Do you have favorite show or playwright?

None in particular, but I love musicals and particularly ones I can sing along to. I also greatly appreciate drama and I think MCT is a great venue for that.

Q: Do you have any special show rituals?

No, but it seems like every show I am in, I end up holding a paper and people see how nervous I am, from it shaking! 

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