A Student of the Theater

An important part of MCT’s mission is to provide theatrical opportunities for our local youth. Agatha Crowley is a great example of a younger person seizing on these possibilities. Agatha has fulfilled various roles at MCT, from actor to usher, and is thankful for being able to experience all aspects of theater. I had the great pleasure of talking to this exceptional MASH 9th grader recently. 

What type of things have you done at MCT?

I have volunteered in a variety of ways, from acting, to painting sets to ushering.

What shows have you been in?

I had roles in Peter Pan and James and the Giant Peach.

Do you prefer being on stage or behind the scenes?

I enjoy being on and offstage. However, recently I have been working behind the scenes more.

Do you have any favorite shows?

James and the Giant Peach was incredibly fun and is a wonderful play. I saw Rocky Horror Picture Show recently and thought the music was incredible.

Do you have any favorite actors?

I would have to say Sarah Youngblood and Dan Winston. They are great in whatever they do and have been wonderful teachers for me.

Why do you think theater is important?

It creates community by passionate people working together on shared experience.

What do you think is special about MCT?

It has a great history with people and shows. The theater itself is wonderful because it is so intimate and allows for great audience connection.

Author: Guy McUmber

Guy is Vice-President of the MCT board of directors and honored to be part of such a great organization. The only thing he does not like about the theater is when his wife occasionally falls asleep at shows, especially those on Broadway.

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