Welcome Back

It has been quite an interesting year or so. We are starting to get back to regular activities, and Meadville Community Theatre is navigating the changing times with your safety and health in mind. We all want to get back to doing our normal routine, including going to the theater.

But first, a big thank you to each of our patrons this past season. It was an amazing success, even in challenging circumstances. From game nights to Plastered Performances, Arthur Conan Doyle’s Sherlock Holmes to Joshua Searle-White’s Jim Luther, you made MCT part of your virtual night out and helped MCT stay afloat.

Back to the Stage

We are preparing to come back live and in person! The Board is organizing the 2021-2022 Season with the hopes of being in the theater. If you are interested in seeing a show, or performing in a show in front of a live audience, keep your eye on MCT. Details will be out shortly.

Getting live performances going again means we need your help more than ever. This is your community theater after all. Check out our volunteer opportunities and let us know how you can help. Donations are always welcome; information about patrons and sponsorships can be found here. To donate online, visit our Square site. Most of all, stay in the loop with MCT.

The Future is You

It may be cheesy, but it is true. After all, community is our middle name.

It is a new season at MCT, and with it comes our renewed commitment to you, our community. Keeping our community at the center of all we do, we promise to do our best at informing you of everything happening. Events, performances, changing health guidelines, and the people at MCT making it all happen; you will find all that and more via multiple roads of communication.

Make sure you are subscribed to our newsletter (see the form in the sidebar), follow MCT on Facebook and Instagram, and check out the website at least once a week for Theater Thursdays. It is all part of our promise to keep you, our community, informed and up to date.

Without you, there is no MCT. We exist for you, and because of you. We are excited for what the rest of 2021 holds. Join us and learn what it means to be in the middle of it all!

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