The MCT and Goodell Gardens & Homestead Partnership

The MCT and Goodell Gardens & Homestead partnership has felt like it was meant to be from the beginning.

Last year, we were just emerging from a lock down mentality. We had been told that we could be outside with others, maskless. I was just getting on the MCT Board and we were looking for ideas for something we could do in the summer.

The Love Letters performances were born, and MCT went all over the county and beyond to perform them. One suggestion of a performance site was Goodell Gardens. It was fate, as they had been thinking of reaching out to MCT because they wanted to incorporate theater into their programming. It seemed like the perfect match.

I had never been to Goodell Gardens before. If you haven’t either, I suggest going this summer. It is a beautiful spot with lush gardens, spots to sit and enjoy, and a trail for walking or jogging. It feels so calming to be there, out in nature. They hold many events and educational programs in this lovely atmosphere, it is a must-do. It is also the perfect place for outdoor theater.

That first performance was magical: the barn, the lawn, the string lights and stars; Love Letters was a great pick and the cast was wonderful. We all knew we had to do this again

Pop-up Theatre

Being nimble enough to take our theater to different locales was a boon to MCT last summer. We enjoyed it so much, we have continued this summer and hopefully for many years to come. We had an amazing time at the Courthouse with Inherit the Wind, proving indoor locations are not off the table either. And this year we are returning to Goodell Gardens with a shorter, more light-hearted show.

The Last Comedienne gives a behind the scenes glimpse into a stand-up comedy competition. It is the finals, and three women are vying for the top prize. They all have different backgrounds and are there for different reasons. Who will win the prize? It is up to the audience to vote for their favorite!

The Goodell Gardens and Homestead partnership has become close to my heart. I have enjoyed working with Amber and the whole Goodell Gardens team, and I can’t wait for what future performances will be. (Yes, we have 2023 plans already, they are so exciting!) But for now, a fun little comedy show is on, July 15 at 7:00pm. Tickets are $10, only $5 if you are an MCT or Goodell Gardens member. Get your tickets here, and I’ll see you at the show!

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