The Doctor is In

One of the strengths of MCT is its many great long term supporters. I recently had the honor of talking to Dr. John Taylor, who has been associated with our theater for nearly 50 years. John has seen everything, and shared some great stories with me.

When did you get first involved with MCT?

In an early 70’s production of Finian’s Rainbow, I acted, because my entire family was in the show. After that, I was hooked, though my time was always limited in being a doctor.

What were your favorite shows or roles?

Oh, there were so many. Woman in Black, Auntie Mame, Damn Yankees…..I played the devil in that one. What fun that was! I always enjoyed working friends such as Dee Horstman, Jim Snyder, Sue Crandall and others, who made the experience even better.

Any particularly memorable incidents?

In Once Upon a Mattress, I was a mute, and my sign language interpreter blanked, which made for an awkward situation. I also had a co-star forget to come back on stage for a scene, also very challenging. I recall the theater having a somewhat risqué production many years ago, in which some people walked out. I think some supporters were lost because of it, and there were no more shows like that.

Do you have any particular actors you prefer?

I thin Mel Brooks is a comic genius. Some of his movies are some of the funniest ever made.

What do you think is special about MCT?

It is obviously about community, but it is also family oriented. Everyone can participate and attend shows. It is an important part of this city. 

Author: Guy McUmber

Guy is Vice-President of the MCT board of directors and honored to be part of such a great organization. The only thing he does not like about the theater is when his wife occasionally falls asleep at shows, especially those on Broadway.

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