She Loves to “Set the Stage”

Volunteers are often important for non-profits, but at the totally volunteer MCT, they are our life blood. This week, I talked with Emily Cicora, who has been donating her artistic skills to MCT for several years. She gets greatest satisfaction in not being on the stage, but creating it.

How did you get involved with MCT?

I teach Second and Third grade at the Learning Center in Meadville. Sarah Youngblood and Dan Winston, two MCT regulars, are my colleagues there. They gently persuaded me to come to the theater and now I have been helping out for six years.

How do you volunteer at the theater?

I do a lot of set of set work, painting and poster design and development.

Have you done performing?

No, I likely never will. I prefer to help create the scene. It’s a problem-solving challenge I really enjoy.

Do you like any particular type of theater?

I love kids and their shows are always my favorites. I really enjoyed James and the Giant Peach; I created the puppets for it!

Any other thoughts you have about MCT?

MCT is wonderful because it provides so many opportunities for so many people. The theater itself is so intimate. Everyone involved is a great team to work with. 

All of the artwork for MCT’s shows this season has been created by Emily. You can find her online at

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