She dresses for success!

This week I talked with Becky Hall, who has been doing volunteer costume work at MCT for many years, including for our latest production of Rope. Many know the theatrical Hall family, which also includes her husband Tom and son Geoff, our Rope Director. Becky explains how her love of theater is rooted in a love of children.

Q: How did your family get involved in theater?

My husband Tom got a role in Our Town many years ago and they ended up needing a teenager, so Geoff joined in. I ended up helping out with costumes and the rest is history!

Q: Have you done any acting or do you solely do costume work?

Geoff convinced me to do a Christmas show once, and I had a small part. But I prefer working behind the scenes. MCT is a form of family because many of us have become close working together over the years.

Q: Do you have a particular production that especially fun or gratifying?

I would have to say costuming for 1776 was a great challenge and highly satisfying. That required finding a lot of materials and doing a lot of sewing.

Q: Are there any other benefits for doing all this hard work?

I have found the impact on kids to be wonderful and inspiring. Children are often thrilled to be in a costume, especially as an animal. I have seen many start out as shy and gain great confidence through performing. My favorite kids shows were Jungle Book and Frog and Toad.

Q: Do you have any favorite shows, movies or actors?

I appreciate old movies, which set the stage for the great productions we have today. I think Benedict Cumberbatch is special. I recently saw him do back to back shows where one night he was the bad guy and the next the good. It really exemplified his talent and versatility. 

See Becky’s costume work this weekend at Rope! For tickets calls 814-333-1773 or go to

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