Serious Soff Support

I recently had a wonderful talk with Lori Soff. Her family is a great MCT sponsor, including daughter Victoria, who was the subject of a previous blog here. Like many others, the Soffs believe in this community and the important role MCT plays in it.

How did your family get involved in theater?

Our daughter Victoria did several shows growing up. I was also a “dance mom” doing work to support those programs.

Are you a performer yourself?

I have done a little bit with the local Charity Follies, but that’s it. I am really more of a behind the scenes type person. I think staging and set design is fascinating.

Why does your family support MCT?

We really respect what MCT offers to the community. It provides many theater related opportunities. Being involved in shows myself, I understand how much work it takes to pull it all off. It is also wonderful to see friends write and perform in plays.

Do you have any favorite shows or performers?

Phantom of the Opera and Wicked are classics but still amazing. Kevin Costner has always been a favorite. I would love to meet Kristen Chenoweth. She seems so spunky and fun! 

Thank you to Lori, Christopher and Victoria for being loyal Meadville Community Theatre supporters!

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