Meet the Storytellers

Vita Fabulas, MCT’s own storytelling event, takes place for one night only; Friday, April 12 at 7:30pm. Tickets are only $5.00 and seating is general admission. Let’s meet our storytellers:

Maribeth is a recent transplant from NYC to Meadville. She comes from a long line of yarn-spinners and writes screenplays and fiction. She’s enjoying making friends in the community and is so grateful for their warm welcome.  

Dan is very excited to be working with such an exciting and diverse group of performers!  He has most recently performed in MCT’s productions of “Light In Odd Spaces” and “Evil Dead: The Musical” and in the Academy Theatre’s production of “Cabaret.”  As much as he loves embodying characters and worlds completely different from his own, he has loved working with his longtime friend and collaborator Josh on how to bring his own stories to life.  When he’s not performing on stage, Dan is often performing in his classroom at The Learning Center, where he has been teaching for 13 years.

Guy has lived in Meadville 45 years with his wife Lynn and they have 3 kids and five grandchildren. He has been interested in storytelling for many years through listening to the Moth podcast. Guy is thrilled that he can help promote this art form in the city he loves. 

Taylor learned the art of storytelling while sitting around her grandmother’s kitchen table and listening to years of quick-witted punch lines. She continued to practice the craft as a middle-school English teacher, who used verbal storytelling to tap into the talents of her students. She gets her best stories from the hours she is trapped in a school building with teenagers or from going on adventures with friends. Taylor has never been on stage as anything other than a ballerina, so please be sure to laugh at all her jokes or she may never return to the stage again.

Josh’s storytelling career began as desperate attempts to keep his kids happy on long car rides (this was before smartphones, before books on tape, practically before the written word).  Those early stories morphed into several storytelling CDs and a book of stories, plus years of teaching storytelling at Allegheny College.  All those stories were made up, though.  This performance is about real life … so who knows what will be revealed?

Alice was educated in Saegertown, Greenville and Edinboro and, prior to retirement, worked as a Career Counselor for the PA Departments of Education, Labor and Industry and Corrections.  Now she ‘gives her time away’ on a variety of boards, councils and committees and enjoys hiking, biking, kayaking, creative writing and now . . . story-telling.

Matthew: “I wanted to do this because on the way to the Academy Theater I was thinking that I haven’t done a play in a while, so I asked my teacher Dan Winston who does stuff like this all the time. He told me about this story telling performance and I said ‘I’ll try it.’

“I’m feeling excited to do this because people I know are doing it too.  At first I felt scared, but I feel ready for the performance.”

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