Meet the “Dream” Cast

It takes so many talented actors and actresses to make this show come alive!

Autumn Vogel (Titania) Autumn is delighted to be returning to an MCT production…. if not the MCT stage! Autumn has loved getting the chance to work with this team of rude mechanicals to participate in the centuries’ old tradition of performing Shakespeare outdoors. The process of this show has been a particularly enjoyable one for Autumn. She’s really valued getting to take this Shakespeare 101 course with THE Jim Bulman… for free!

Autumn played Helena in a high school production of Midsummer. She’s enjoying reveling in the marked differences in the characters that reflect the marked differences in her life. young lover : Fairy Queen :: teenager : grown woman on a governing board.

Lee Scandinaro (Oberon) Lee is happy to be involved in another production here at Meadville Community Theatre. Lee is particularly excited about performing this show at the beautifully scenic Goodell Gardens. Some of his favorite roles in Meadville include “The 25th Annual Putnam County Spelling Bee” (William Barfee), “Chicago” (Billy Flynn), “Beauty and the Beast” (Lumiere) and “The Rocky Horror Show” (Brad). Lee loves the honor of working with another amazing group of artists here in Meadville. When not at one of the awesome theatres in town, Lee teaches middle schoolers how to cook in Erie.

Glenn Holland (Bottom) Glenn Holland has been performing on stage on and off for most of his life, most notably as a member of the repertory company of the Oregon Shakespeare Festival in Ashland, Oregon. He has worked extensively with Meadville Community Theatre in the past, specializing in playing very tall men. Glenn welcomes the opportunity to once again make an ass of himself on stage.

BJ Angstadt (Puck) BJ is grateful for the opportunity to practice the magic of this tricky, sassy, “merry wanderer of the night.” It is already one of her favorite roles ever. Other favorite parts include: Fraulein Schneider (Cabaret), Mrs. Potts (Beauty and the Beast), Marilla (Anne of Green Gables), Eulalie Mackecknie Shinn (Music Man), Grandma Tzeital (Fiddler on the Roof), Mrs. Higgins (My Fair Lady), and many, many more.

Donovan Mascitti (Demetrius) Donovan has found a passion in acting, having first gotten a taste in a production of “Pocahontas” in the fourth grade. Even though he had just wrapped another MCT show, “The Wind in the Willows,” he was itching for another opportunity when Dream came along. On thing he has learned from acting is “the importance of failure. Failure is the key to success, and acting demonstrates that beautifully. The only way to know what works and what doesn’t is to try, and inevitably fail.”

Alix Hilburn (Hermia) This is Alix’s first performance at MCT. Her prior stage experience has been in school productions. She hopes to do her best bringing Hermia to life.

Meadow Campbell (Lysandra) Meadow Campbell is excited to be a part of MCT’s production of “A Midsummer Night’s Dream.” You may have seen her mixing lattes behind the counter at French Creek Coffee and Tea or in different musicals around the Meadville Area. She joined Midsummer because of the community that MCT holds and wants everyone to know that Shakespeare is not for everyone, but everyone is meant to see this show. Enjoy!

Agatha Crowley (Helena) Agatha auditioned for “A Midsummer Night’s Dream” to get back on the stage after a bit of a hiatus. She has been in “The Hobbit,” “James and the Giant Peach” and “Peter Pan.” She is looking forward to trying out something new: Shakespeare. This is also the first time she has performed in a non-youth production, so it’s definitely a learning experience. Agatha is extremely thankful for this opportunity and has had an amazing time working on this play with her fellow actors.

Greg Adsit (Theseus) Greg has been preforming on the MCT stage for several years. This is his first venture doing Shakespeare. “I feel lucky to be a part of this talented cast and appreciate the chance to share the stage with everyone involved.”

Doug Lodge (Egeus, Flute) Doug resides in rural Crawford County and has been restoring slate roofs for the last 50 years. For the past thirty years, Doug has regularly performed in Meadville, Erie, and Cleveland with Antaeus Dance, Shen & Bones Performance Group, and the Allegheny Dance and Movement Studies program.

Jim Bulman (Philostrate, Scholar) Jim taught Shakespeare at Allegheny for forty-four years. He first performed on the Odd Fellows stage in 1991, as Sky Masterson in MCT’s “Guys and Dolls.” A few years later he played a defrocked Irish priest in Brian Friel’s “Dancing at Lughnasa,” and then – more in character – an addled geriatric husband in a comedy written and directed by Sue Crandall. He is relieved now to play a role that requires little memorization.

Glenn Tuttle (Peter Quince) Glenn has performed for over 20 years in the Meadville Theater community and is excited to play in a Shakespeare comedy.

Traci Andrews (Snout) Traci is excited to be performing Shakespeare in the gardens she tends to. You might have seen her previously in “Woody Guthrie’s American Song,” “Anne Of Green Gables: The Musical,” or “The Dinner Party.”

Brian Thummler (Snug) Brian has worked in the backstage crew of plays. He’s sometimes in the orchestra pit playing music for plays. There have even been times when he’s dared to act in plays. But what he enjoys most is hiding away in his workshop making puppets, props, and masks for plays.

Ahmaya Andrews (Starveling) Ahmaya is thrilled to be acting in their first Shakespeare show. You may recognize them from previous roles as the Hipster Dork in “Heathers: The Musical,” a Transylvanian in “The Rocky Horror Show,” or as one of the co-creators/actors in MCT’s original production “Light In Odd Spaces.” When not acting they enjoy writing, playing piano, and working here, Goodell Gardens, as a professional weed-puller.

Evaleigh McClymonds (Moat) Evie Is so excited to be back on stage after just finishing two other shows. Evie has been doing theater since she was little and is so excited to be a part of this production and is so thankful for the cast in this amazing show.

Barb Davis (Mustard Seed) Little did Barb know nine years ago as she went to her first audition, how many opportunities would come her way. From “Shek,” to Sweet Tea, to “Pride and Prejudice,” among others. She feels this production of “A Midsummer Night’s Dream” will also be quite memorable. A very talented cast does an amazing job of bringing it to life in the beautiful Goodell Gardens. Hope you enjoy the show!

Connel Stout (Cobweb) Connel is in 6th grade at the Learning Center. He plays piano, has learned to ski and enjoys running cross country. This is his second ever play and he’s very excited about it.

A Midsummer Night’s Dream

by William Shakespeare

Directed by Sylvia Cagle

June 2-4, 2023
Friday and Saturday: 6:00pm
Sunday: 2:00pm

Tickets available here
General Admission: $30
MCT or Goodell Gardens Members: $20

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