Meet the Cast

The Rope cast and crew are so excited to welcome you back to MCT’s second show of the season!

The show opens tomorrow, Friday, November 5 and runs through Sunday, November 14. Get your tickets here!

Our cast is ready to transport you to 1920s London. Here is a little more about each of them.

Jason Sakal plays Wyndham Brandon

Jason is thrilled to be back on stage with such a talented group. He has been seen in the past in many roles onstage and offstage, as an actor, board member, and volunteer.

You may have seen him as John Hinckley Jr. in Assassins, Caldwell B. Cladwell in Urinetown, or in one of his many character roles in That Time of the Year. He has performed at many stages around town and is thrilled to be back at MCT bringing live theater back to Meadville.

Stefan Potts plays Charles Granillo

Stefan has been part of the theater community for 11 years. Making his first appearance in The Wedding Singer, he has gone on to do many roles ranging from the comedic to the dramatic. When not on stage he enjoys spending time with friends playing Dungeons and Dragons, discussing nerdy topics, and playing copious amounts of board games. His pride and joy is his daughter Ivy, whom he loves to spend the most time with.

Eric Mountjoy plays Sir Johnstone Kently

Eric has been a casual actor with MCT and others for many years. Often a supporting cast member  or tech person, Eric has been in theater since the turn of the century.  Let the old man type casting begin.

Alicia Greathouse plays Leila Arden

Alicia is excited to be treading the boards again with this fabulously talented cast in this production of Rope. She has been involved in many area productions, most recently as Charlotte Lucas in Pride and Prejudice at MCT. Alicia would like to thank the directors for this opportunity. She can’t wait to see you at the theater!

Dan Winston play Kenneth Raglan

Dan is oh so pleased to continue bringing theater back to Meadville! You may have seen him as Elyot in the MCT’s recent production of Private Lives, or in many other roles in many other productions over the years. See you at the show!

Traci Andrews plays Mrs. Debham, Mitchell King plays Sabot and Dave Neal plays Rupert Caddell

They are all so excited to be part of bringing another great show to Meadville Community Theatre and can’t wait to see you at the theater!

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