Meet the Cast: Love Letters, part 2

Tomorrow is the day! The day Meadville Community Theatre presents its first show in Linesville, PA. The cast and I are eagerly anticipating this live, in-person theater experience. Bj Angstadt (who will play Melissa) and Tom Hall (who will play Andy) tell us about themselves and theater.

Q: What does the return to live theater mean to you?

BJ: Live theater is magical because the audience is part of the creative process. The sharing, the give and take of energy between actors and audience is a large part of why each performance is unique and special. I’ve been grateful to able to watch and participate in online productions, but am so glad that live theater is finally back.

Tom: After the return of live music and live sports this is the next step although professionally it’s a shaky start. Hanging out with old friends is fun.

Q: Did you do anything with theater over the pandemic?

Tom: I did four or five virtual shows including Trumbo, Quaranteens, Sherlock Holmes and Our Miss Brooks.

BJ: I’ve been lucky to participate in virtual theater with MCT, Academy Theatre and Damascus Theatre Company of Maryland during the shutdown. For me, as both performer and avid audience member, it was a real gift.

Q: What show have you enjoyed being a part of the most?

Tom: Anne of Green Gables. I had never done a show with the variety of ages in that show.

BJ: Loved every show I’ve done, but my very favorite was Man of La Mancha.

Q: What would be your dream show?

Tom: Don’t really have one. Maybe something where the cast plays instruments and sings. I do like those.

BJ: Hello Dolly

Q: Why did you what to be in Love Letters?

BJ: I have loved the show since I saw it with Jason Robards and Elaine Stritch. And I jumped at the chance to act again with Tom Hall, who played my brother in MCT’s Anne of Green Gables.

Tom: I like radio plays and have done a lot of them. This is like those where you try to get the audience to see the action by hearing the words.

Q: Why should someone come and see Love Letters?

BJ: There is something very special about a show that has had some of biggest stars of stage and screen begging to be in a production.

Tom: Gurney usually writes about white upper class people but their stories are so universal that anyone can see some of their own story in them. I love stuff that’s really well written.

Love Letters plays Linesville Friday, August 20 at 7:30pm, and then Titusville Sunday, September 5 at 2:00pm. Get your tickets at

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