Meet the Cast
Love Letters in Titusville

It’s time to meet our Love Letters cast in Titusville! Ian Best is portraying Andy, and Meadow Campbell is Melissa.

They may be our youngest cast, but don’t let that fool you! They are both impressively experienced on the stage and are very ready to get back to live performances.

About theater during the pandemic, Ian says, “I was able to do a couple really cool things over the course of the pandemic. I was in a taped Barrow Civic Theatre production of Anne of Green Gables, performed in Franklin’s Taste of Talent, and was a part of a 24 hour theater project. Each had its own set of obstacles, but getting the chance to perform during those times was simply amazing.” However, “the return to live theatre means so much to me. I realized over the past year and a half how much I took performing for granted. I’ve been able to perform over the past few months. I forgot how amazing it felt to step onto a stage and do what you truly love.”

Meadow took some time off from theater during the shut down, but she kept herself busy. Meadow is a sophomore at Thiel College in Greenville, PA, so she was navigating college during a pandemic. She has been doing theater for 10 years now and has no plans to stop anytime soon. She has become a staple of MCT’s theater seasons. You may have seen her as Diana in Anne of Green Gables or as Wendy, Michael, and John’s mother in Peter Pan.

Meadow says that everyone should come see Love Letters “because it is an experience you don’t want to miss. Ian and I plan to leave you speechless as we take you through a lifetime of love, loss, and little craziness.” It sounds like the Love Letters cast in Titusville is ready to take on A.R. Gurney’s masterpiece with style!

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