He performs for judges and juries!

I recently caught up with Brian Cagle of the law firm Pepicelli, Youngs and Youngs (PYY), one of our wonderful sponsors. Personally, Brian is a great example of the many volunteers that work tirelessly literally “behind the scenes” at MCT. His real stage is the Crawford County Courthouse. 

Why does PYY support MCT?

It’s a true “community” theater, involving local actors, musicians and even playwrights. I know from my personal involvement how theater creates long term relationships.  MCT is like a family.

What’s your background  in theater?

I am a past MCT President. I’ve done a lot of stage managing and tech work. 

Have you done any performing?

I limit my performing for judges and juries. I actually was an off stage voice once, but that will be the closest I ever get. I like doing the hands on work that helps make shows happen.

Do you have any favorite shows?

I think Noises Off is great because it is about operating a theater and is really funny. I think Crazy for You is an amazing musical because it includes so many classic songs and is also hilarious. 

Any other thoughts about MCT?

I know MCT has performed from many venues in the past, and I know that no matter where MCT is located, it will always stay true to its community based artistic roots.

Thank you to Pepicelli, Youngs and Youngs for being a corporate sponsor of Meadville Community Theatre.

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