Audition: Small Jokes About Monsters

Small Jokes About Monsters

By Stephen Strafford

Directed by Marie Loose

Show Dates and Times: May 10, 11, 12 & May 17, 18, 19; live audience/off site rehearsal on May 8th
Fridays and Saturdays: 7:30pm
Sundays: 2:00pm

Open Call: Please attend one of the following;
Saturday, March 16, 11am-2pm
Sunday, March 17, 2pm-5pm
Email for questions or if you need an alternative audition arrangement

Location: Meadville Community Theatre (400 N. Main Street, Meadville, PA). Please enter through the front door and wait in the main lobby.

Audition details: Please bring a list of conflicts from the audition date through the run of the show. You must be available for all performances.

Show synopsis: Three brothers arrive in a rented beach house to read a letter from their estranged father after his funeral. Ryan, the middle brother, explains to his two brothers his theory of how there are three different kinds of funny people: Godzillas, Mothras, and Gameras. Godzillas destroy all they see with their jokes. Mothras, the silent but deadly types, lay a room flat with just one joke. And Gameras are the folks who don’t even realize they’re funny. When their tough-talking, no-nonsense mother arrives, more and more secrets are revealed, tempers flare, and the joking that was light and fun becomes cruel. SMALL JOKES ABOUT MONSTERS is about a family that uses humor to deflect their feelings, and what it means to confront the pain beneath the comedy so traumas can be healed.

Character Breakdown:

Ryan: Late 30’s An Actor. Smart. Funny. Loves making jokes. Has battled drug addiction and alcoholism.
John: Early 40’s. Smart. Dry. Funny. Uptight. Has a keen insight.
Derek: Mid 30’s. Funny. Sweet. Always trying to diffuse tension.
Mom: Late 50’s early 60’s. Direct. Somewhat weary but tough. She loves her sons. Speaks her mind always.

MCT is committed to diversity, equity and inclusion in all our productions. We provide equal opportunity in casting as far as our contracts allow.

SMALL JOKES ABOUT MONSTERS is presented by special arrangement with Broadway Licensing, LLC, servicing the Dramatists Play Service collection. (

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