A Rosey Perspective

Many do not know that the recent MCT production of Inherit the Wind was a revival, for it had originally been done in the same locale 50 years ago. That show was organized by the late Judge Richard Thomas. Recently, I had the good fortune to meet his wife Rosemary (“Rosey”) and she reflected fondly upon her many years of involvement with our theater. 

How did you get involved in theater?

I didn’t actually, my son did. He auditioned for a show, The Pied Piper, when he was 11, got a big part and it just grew from there. We joined MCT in 1971. My first show was Snow White

What did you do MCT?

Pretty much everything except for lighting. I co-directed several shows with my friend Dee Horstman. However, my specialty was choreography, for I was an actual dance teacher. Most of my family was involved, especially my sons, who helped build sets.

Did you perform on stage?

Only a couple of times, in Hello Dolly and Lo and Behold. I preferred off stage work.

Any particularly memorable productions or players?

Doing theater in the round at the David Mead Inn was great fun. I won’t forget having to build sets at a local lumberyard. Doctor Holland was a wonderful musical conductor. Everyone remembers our great Peter Pan success. Two of my favorite performers, in any show, were Fran Richmond and Emmy Boughton.

Why do you think MCT is special?

It was a great outlet for someone with kids who loved theater and wanted to participate. Your whole family could be involved. I wish I could continue, for I loved it, but it is definitely a lot of work! 

Author: Guy McUmber

Guy is Vice-President of the MCT board of directors and honored to be part of such a great organization. The only thing he does not like about the theater is when his wife occasionally falls asleep at shows, especially those on Broadway.

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  1. Bonnie Cook says:

    Rosey, I lost track of you years ago, and am glad to see this report. YOu played down the wonderful job you did in chroeographing the dances in Fioddler on the Roof. Hope you are doing well.


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